Spirit Wrestlers: Doukhobor Pioneers’ strategies for living.

By Koozma J. Tarasoff. Ottawa: Legas Publishing and Spirit Wrestlers Publishing, 2002.
The author is grateful to John Woodsworth for his learned suggestions.— Feb. 2006.

The following typographical errors need correcting:


v (Chapter I, 4th entry) ‘Extension’ should read ‘Extensions’.
viii (first line) Page-number for Chapter III: ‘352’ should read ‘336’
viii (middle) ‘The Appendix’ should read ‘Appendix’.
ix Source for quoted passage is from Sergei Tolstoy in Donskov, 1998: 142-143.
xv (add to Acknowledgements) Galina Alexeeva of Yasnaya Polyana for claryifying some biographical  data on Tolstoyans.
xv (near bottom, stamp data) ‘1923’ not  ‘1023’.
xvi (heading) ‘Molochnye Voldy’  should read ‘Molochnye Vody’.
xvi (heading) ‘Alexander the 1st’s’ should read ‘Alexander I’s’.
(bottom map) ‘Trepenie’ should read ‘Terpenie’.
(near bottom) ‘D. A. Hilkov’ should read ‘D. A. Khilkov’.
(4th line from bottom) ‘kilometers’ should read ‘kilometres’(ditto p.9, 2nd para from bottom).
(near top) The 2001 census found only 3,800 Doukhobors (compared to 4,820 in the 1991 census; a loss of 21.1 percent), based on….
(middle) The number today exceeds ‘30,000’ should read ’40,000’. ‘11,000’ in Saskatchewan should read ‘15,000’.
15 (4th line from bottom) Hyphens should be replaced by dashes.
(cutline for top photo) Sobranie meeting in old community centre, Grand Forks, BC (not Brilliant, BC).
(top line) ‘starista’ should read ‘starosta’.
(middle) ‘Fedor Nazaroff’ should read ‘Alexei Nazaroff’.
(2/3s down) 'Grand Forks, BC', not 'N.D.'
(_?__) Remove comma between Nifty 50s and Senior Club,
(3rd line from top) 'Trek of 1,700', not 'Trek of 1,600'.
(second paragraph) ‘By the early 1990s’ should read ‘By the early 1950s’.
(middle photo caption) ‘laying’ should be replaced with ‘lying’.
(middle photo caption) ‘wood-powered’ should be replaced with ‘foot-powered’.
(5th line from bottom) Iskra is now issued 'once' a month, not 'twice'.
(6th line from bottom. paragraph beginning) ‘Leisure was not’ should be indented.
(photo caption at bottom) ‘school room’ should read ‘schoolroom’.
(3rd para, 2nd line) Better to specify: ‘provincial government policies’; and
(middle of 3rd paragraph) ‘enroll’ should read ‘enrol’.
(first line of main text) ‘free spirit’ should be italicised.
(1st paragraph, line 10) ‘stores’ should read ‘stories’.
(heading) ‘All Round’ should read ‘all-round’.
(introduction) ‘license’ as a noun should read ‘licence’.
(2nd paragraph of new entry, line 2) ‘nee’ should read ‘née’.
(2nd last paragraph, line 3) ‘Steam Engineer’ should not be capitalised.
(3rd paragraph of new entry) ‘run of the mill’ should read ‘run-of-the-mill’.
(first line) ‘Fireman’ should not be capitalised.
(4th paragraph, line 3) ‘hangers’ should read ‘hangars’.
(5th paragraph, line 2) ‘lumber  grade printer’ should read ‘lumber-grade printer’.
(5th paragraph, line 4) comma required after ‘ahead’.
(6th paragraph, line 1) ‘license’ should read ‘licence’ (a noun).
(last paragraph, line 4) ‘high school education’ should read ‘high-school education’.
(first line) ‘to commercial fish’ should read ‘to fish commercially’.
(2nd paragraph, line 4) ‘high school graduation class’ should read high-school graduation class’.
(5th paragraph, line 5) ‘fiberglass’ should read ‘fibreglass’.
(last paragraph, line 1) ‘air pressure foot pedal’ should read ‘air-pressure foot pedal’ (with hyphen).
(first paragraph, line 4) ‘alternate’ should read ‘alternative’.
(2nd paragraph, line 2) ‘comments that had been aired’ should read ‘comments on what had been aired’.
(4th paragraph needs rewriting) ‘John tells me of another interesting family connection, that of his grandmother Dunia Barabanoff. Her relative was Nicholas Barisoff who was called “Big Boots” because they couldn’t find shoes big enough to fit him and therefore he was forced to make his own. He lived near Stony Creek in the Pelly area of Saskatchewan and is said to have reached the age of 105.’
Eli A. Popoff (1921-2014)  (first paragraph, line 5) ... whose family were members of a sect known as 'Jehovists', a group similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses of North America. or Yehowists, a millenarian religious movement.
(middle) As an update, Peter T. Oglow died Feb. 1, 2004.
(middle) As an update, Lois E. Hole died January 5, 2005.
(2nd line from top) ‘Uncle Bill’ should read ‘older brother Bill’.
(heading for boxed data) Spelling of ‘Intertech’.
(near bottom) J. Kalmakoff’s new genealogy website:
(middle) Update for Varvara Sukhorukova who died in 2003.
(5th line from top) ‘Bloodoff’ should read ‘Wasilenkoff’.
(bottom webpage) Add another Molokan site as
(top line) Correct the dates for Sam Faminow (1891-1970) and his wife Elizabeth (1893-1991),
(9th line from top) ‘Dad and Mom were nominally expelled’ should read ‘Dad and Mom were not expelled’
286 (paragraph 5, sentence 2, rewrite) In a session on Hate Literature, Peter publicaly challenged the then Member of Parliament Simma Holt, who in 1964 published a sensational book condemning the Doukhobors called Terror in the Name of God: The Story of the Sons of Freedom Doukhobors.
(footnote No. 1, Rewrite) 1. ‘Bill was the first Doukhobor in Alberta to become a medical doctor. He graduated with a BA from Willamette University, MA from Wisconsin, and an MD from the University of Alberta. His oldest son was a professor in Montana, then New Mexico, finally at the University of Manitoba; then he began working for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in Bolivia and India helping develop programs for poor people. Another son Merle is a medical doctor. A third son Cameron resides in Calgary where he runs a business on environment. As well, Bill has two daughters: one is a teacher who is working on her Ph.D in Toronto and another one lives in Calgary.’
(3rd line from bottom) Add new website:
(footnote No. 5, Rewrite) 5. Robertson Stromberg Pedersen LLP, 'Peter G. Makaroff, K.C. 1894-1970)'. Accessed September 24, 2007 at website:
(first line) Update on Nicholas P. Fofonoff who died in 2004.
(middle) Update on Peter M. Bloodoff who died in 2005.
317 (cutline) Steve 'Harshenin', not 'Harshena'.
324 (top line) Update for Peter F. Makortoff (1914-2005).
(near the bottom) Update for Julia Ozeroff (1918-2005).
(near the bottom) Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan, insert 'Cultural'
339 (correct bottom cutline) ‘Above, during the 1930s, salesman Mike W. Barabanoff of southern Saskatchewan sells Familex products in winter while travelling on a horse-drawn caboose. An indoor stove kept him warm.’
340 (2nd bottom line) ‘Joe Posnikoff’ should read ‘Joe Poznikoff’.
361 (second paragraph) Line has asterisk. Remove it.
376 (last line, replace website with new) 
379 (middle) Children of the World (2001-2010). Not 1010.
387 obshchina’ or ‘mir’.
Obshchestvo Rodina’ Means ‘Motherland Society’.
‘plotok (plural: platki)’.
pope’ should read ‘pop’.
proshchania’ should read ‘proshchanie’.
388 Proshchait’e’ should read ‘Proshchaite
provoslavnyi’ should read ‘pravoslavnyi’.
Spasi Gospadi’ should read Spasi Gospodi’.
389 Footnote – ‘annunciation’ should read ‘pronunciation’.
395 (In the section on Gorelovka, add) ‘The Sirotskii Dom in Gorelovka was once a religious and administrative centre and residence for Doukhobor leaders and also served as a facility for orphans. Now local elders come here to pray and sing psalms.’
(In the section on Spasovka, add) ‘These mogilki is where former Doukhobor leaders Peter Illarionovich and Lukeria Vasilevna Kalmykova are buried.’
400 ‘CHERTKOV, Vladimir Gregorovich’  should read ‘CHERTKOV, Vladimir Gregorevich’.
405 Update for Stanley Petroff. He died in 2004.
Date of Dmitri (Jim) E. Popoff’s birth is 1946 (not 1948).
408 Date of John J. Verigin, Jr.’s birth is 1953 (not 1944).
442 ‘Bonch-Bruevich, Alexander Mikhaelovich’ should read ‘Bonch-Bruevich, Vladimir Dmitrievich’.
444 (Doukhobor Centenary entry). Dates 22-24 included, but month of conference (October) missing.
(under Rasporich) …vol. 12, no. 2, 1987 (not 197), pp. 217-43.
456 (under Tarasoff) For In Search of Brotherhood…, add date: '1963'.
(Bottom ref. to TRACIE, Carl J. Title) ‘Toil and Peaceful Life’ Doukhobor Village Settlement in Saskatchewan 1899-1918 (not 1018).
461 Bonch-Bruevich, Vladimir D, 2nd last figure should be 40 (instead of 38).
467 Kalmakov, John, 71-72. photo 72 (omit 271)
476 (add) ‘Velichkina, Vera Mikhailovna, 408’ in alphabetical order.
‘Voykin, Bill M.’ should read ‘Voykin, Bill J.’
477 (middle row, under ‘Student Group’, ‘National Executive Council’) should not be indented, but follow after ‘Doukhobor Youth’.
(3rd row, under Zealots-Sons of Freedom)  ‘Anarchists’ should not be indented, but follow ‘Arson;’.
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