Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon — DSS

525 Avenue I South, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA  S7M 1Y6
Member of the Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan (DCSS)

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"The First Shipload of Doukhobors Arriving at Halifax" (1899) (Elkinton, Joseph. The Doukhobors : their history in Russia, their migration to Canada, (Philadelphia : Ferris & Leach, 1903), insert after page 188, Photographed by James A. Smart.)

  1. Photos
  2. Contacts
  3. History
  4. Foundational Documents
  5. About Doukhobors
  6. Board of Trustees, and Elders
  7. News
  8. Past Events
Whats New?     Updated 20 June 2018
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  • Past Events Archive

  • 2018 June 24 — Sunday 11 am Peter’s Day/ Petro Den'
    • Regular Meeting / Prayer Service
    • Hosted jointly with Blaine Lake Society
    • Lunch provided.
    • All members and guests welcome

  • 2018 June 27 — Wednesday 1 am Singing Practice

  • 2018 July - August — Summer Break

  • 2018 August 7-12 — Bread-Baking at Saskatoon Exhibition
    • Volunteers call Janet Atamanenko 306-979-7892

1.  Photos

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Our assembly hall — dom in Russian.
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Entry leads to 2 floors.
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South lot is graded smooth.
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Upstairs we gather for malenyia
(prayer meetings).
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Making pirogi for our borshch
supper, downstairs kitchen hall.
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New elevator.

2.  Contacts

  • DSS — Email:
  • June Bold, Board Member — Phones: 306-934-1139; 306-260-6288 — Email:
  • Mae Popoff, Elder — Phone: 306-373-2991 — Email:

3.  History

The Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon (DSS) was established in early 1955 and later the same year built a new community centre — prayer home — at 525 Avenue I South. It is both a registered non-profit corporation (incorporation date: January 24, 1955) and a Saskatchewan charitable corporation. It operates under The Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporations Act, S.S. 1995 (formerly The Benevolent Societies Act). The Society is governed by a Board of Trustees and advised by a group of Elders, as outlined in its By-Laws.

It holds regular Sunday services from September through June and hosts special gatherings to commemorate historical events (e.g., Peter’s Day) and celebrate holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, etc. There is an active singing group that helps lead Sunday services and is also available to sing at funerals and weddings. Each year, as a major fundraiser, the Society bakes and sells bread in traditional clay-brick ovens at the Doukhobor Bread Booth.

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Symbol of Hospitality.
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Symbol of Peace.
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Everyone Welcome ! 

4.  Foundational Documents

5.  About Doukhobors

6. Board of Trustees, and Elders

Board of Trustees – 2017-18

  • Chair –Jeannette Stringer
  • Vice-Chair – Darlene Kouznitsoff
  • Secretary – Veronika Makarova
  • Treasurer – June Bold
  • Harvey Allyn
  • Bonnie Kusch

Elders – 2017-18

  • Mae Popoff
  • Jeannette Stringer
  • June Bold

Board of Trustees – 2016-17

  • Chair –Jeannette Stringer
  • Vice-Chair – Darlene Kouznitsoff
  • Secretary – Veronika Makarova
  • Treasurer – June Bold
  • Dorthy Ozeroff
  • Harvey Allyn

Elders – 2016-17

  • June Bold
  • Peter Pereversoff
  • Mae Popoff
  • Jeannette Stringer

Board of Trustees – 2015-16

  • Chair –Jeannette Stringer
  • Vice-Chair – Ron Bold
  • Secretary – Veronika Makarova
  • Treasurer – June Bold
  • Service Co-ordinator – Dorthy Ozeroff
  • Maintenance Co-ordinator – Darlene Kouznitsoff

Elders – 2015-16

  • June Bold
  • Mich Ozeroff
  • Peter Pereversoff
  • Mae Popoff
  • Jeannette Stringer

Board of Trustees – 2014-15

  • Chair – Edna Wright
  • Vice-Chair – Ron Bold
  • Secretary – Emily Riben
  • Treasurer – June Bold
  • Director at Large – Dorthy Ozeroff
  • Director at Large – Jeannette Stringer

Elders – 2014-15

  • June Bold
  • Bill Kalmakoff
  • Mich Ozeroff
  • Peter Pereversoff
  • Mae Popoff
  • Jeannette Stringer
  • Polly Tokaryk-Meakin
  • William Woykin

7.  News

1955 FebruarySaskatoon Doukhobor Society Gets Charter, The Inquirer, Vol. 2, no. 1, page 18.
News From Sask. — The Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon [DSS] has received its charter under the Saskatchewan Benevolent Societies Act. The first trustees are: Alvin N. Meakin, Michael N. Postnikoff, John K. Tarasoff, Alex W. Vereschagin, and William P. Sherstobitoff.

1955 NovemberSociety Holds Ceremony in Prelude to Building a Home, The Inquirer, Vol. 2, no. 10, page 18.
News From Sask. — The Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon held a prayer ceremony before building a Community Home. Koozma Tarasoff, Sr. turned the first sod.

1956 FebruarySociety Holds Annual Meeting, The Inquirer, Vol. 3, no. 1, page 27.
News From Sask. — First annual meeting of the registered Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon was held at their newly built Doukhobor Home. Peter N. Postnikoff, Chairman. John F. Papove, sec. treas.

1956 JulyDoukhobors Contribute to Pion-Era Celebrations, The Inquirer, Vol. 3, no. 6, page 20.
News From Sask. by Inquirer — The Saskatoon Doukhobor Society built a pioneer log house, baked bread in brick and clay ovens and held sheep shearing demonstrations at the Pion-Era in July. A great success.

1957 July3,200 Loaves of Bread Baked at Pion-Era Celebrations, The Inquirer, Vol. 4, no. 5b, page 8.
News From Sask. — For the third consecutive year the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society contributed to the local Pion-Era celebration with bread-baking and demonstrations of carding and spinning wool.

1957 NovemberFirst Tea and Sale in Community Home Termed 'Very Successful', The Inquirer, Vol. 4, no. 9, page 7.
News From Sask. — The Saskatoon Doukhobor Ladies' Society held its first tea and sale in the new community home.

2000 February 28 — Eight volunteers to be honoured by Provincial Medal, Government of Saskatchewan.
Saskatchewan’s Lieutenant Governor, Lynda Haverstock, today announced the names of eight citizens who will receive the Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal for 1999. The recipients include William Kalmakoff of Saskatoon, a well- known educator and promoter of multiculturalism, has given his time and energy to:
  • Saskatoon Doukhobor Society,
  • Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan,
  • Saskatchewan Intercultural Society,
  • Saskatchewan Organization for Heritage Languages,
  • Multi Faith Saskatoon,
  • Saskatoon Doukhobor Society Newsletter,
  • Saskatoon Doukhobor Choral group and the barbershop singing group Chimo Chordsmen,
  • Doukhobor pavilions at the Saskatoon Exhibition and Folkfest,
  • University of Saskatchewan College of Education Leadership Unit, where after retirement as a consultant he wrote an Education Act for Indian Band Schools.
2003My Life Story, by George P. Stushnoff
The Stushnoff Family History: Kirilowka and Beyond, by Fred and Brian Stushnoff, 2003. Reproduced on the Doukhobor Genealogy Website.
"George P. Stushnoff (1922-2001) exemplified the Doukhobor ideals of toil and peaceful life. Chairman of the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society and the Doukhobor Cultural Society of Saskatchewan for many years, George strove to preserve and share the Doukhobor way of life, and to promote inter-cultural harmony in his community."

2005 May 9 — 2005 Centennial Events: National Doukhobor Heritage Museum, Veregin, SK, Doukhobor Message Board.
"Sunday, May 29, 2005: Molenye (Prayer Service) at 11:00 a.m. led by the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society."

2007 April 14 — Variety Night in Saskatoon, by Mae Popoff, Hodge Podge,

2007 July 11 — Doukhobor Dugout House Unveils Monument Commemorating Oospenia Spring, Doukhobor Genealogy Website.
"... a historic plough-pulling re-enactment by twelve Doukhobor women belonging to the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society."

2007 December 8-9 — Messages to the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society, by Koozma J. Tarasoff,
Re: Annual Meeting December 8th, 2007, Doukhobor Peace Library and Museum.

2009  April 3 — National Doukhobor Heritage Village Reflects on a Busy 2008 Season, Upcoming Events for 2009, Doukhobor Message Board.

2009 June 8 — Sell Doukhobor Land in Saskatoon?  Questions & Answers, Comments,

2009 June 19 — Dugout House set [to] open with 'Laying down of arms', Shellbrook Chronicle, page 15.
"The cast was made up of members of Doukhobor descendents from across the region with the bulk belonging to the Saskatoon Doukhobor Society."

2009 December DSS Elder's Report, by Mae Popoff.

2010 January 16 —
Doukhobors greet Olympic torch runners, by Mae Popoff,
Blaine Lake Doukhobors present bread, salt and water, then borsch. Collections of news excerpts mentioning Doukhobors, with photos and maps.

2010 January 18 — Saskatoon Reflections 2010. DOVE Newsletter.
Year-end review by Mae Popoff.

2011 June Opening of the National Doukhobor Heritage Village, Report with 4 photos by Mae Popoff.

2011 August 14 — 800 Loaves of Doukhobor Bread Sold / Day, by K.J. Tarasoff, photos by Mae Popoff. Spirit-Wrestlers Blog.
Links to related stories.

2012 August 12 — Doukhobor tradition carries on one loaf at a time, The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon SK
60 volunteers bake and sell the 5,000 loaves produced at Saskatoon Exhibition. Interviewed: named: Bill Kalmakoff, John Tarasoff, Peter Holoboff, and Doreen Konkin.

2013 August 13 — Baking Bread the Doukhobor Way, story and videos by Ryan Androsoff.
Excellent overview of bread baking booth in 3 short videos and 2 photos.

2013 Fall — Elevator for Saskatoon dom
Saskatoon Prayer Home has elevator installed, making it more accessible for those with physical limitations and also making it easier to haul heavier items between levels. The elevator goes from the entrance level up to the service level and down to the kitchen/social area in the basement. Plans are in the works to build a permanent ramp on the exterior of the building to further improve accessibility.

2017 April 24
Doukhobor Heritage Days, 15-16 July 2017, by Mae Popoff

2017 July 15-16 Heritage Day – 2017 Celebration
Canada 150 / Historic Prayer Home 100 years, National Doukhobor Heritage Village Inc., Veregin, Saskatchewan. Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and commemorate 100 years of our Historic Prayer Home.

8.  Past Events

2014 2015 201620172018

2014 Past Events

2014 June 29, Sunday — Peter’s Day

The Saskatoon Prayer Home drew a full house of almost 120 people, from Saskatoon and surrounding areas, to commemorate our Doukhobor ancestors’ stand for peace and religious freedom, known as the Burning of the Arms, in 1895 in Russia; this was a key step towards leaving Russia and coming to Canada to re-establish their peaceful lives and communities in a promising new land. The traditional June 29th service was followed by a delicious meal, provided the Society. Thanks to everyone to who joined us for this special day and helped make it such a rewarding experience for all.

2014 August 5-10 — Annual Bread-Baking Project
The Saskatoon Doukhobor Society again undertook its main annual fund-raising initiative – bread-baking at the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition. The Doukhobor Bread Booth sells "Doukhobor bread" (white and brown) by the slice or loaf, which is baked in our three traditional clay ovens. We had another successful year, producing about 3,500 loaves. Many who stop at the booth say this is a “must” for them at the Ex each year! We are grateful to all our supporters, workers and volunteers who continue to make this event possible and productive each year. If you are interested in helping out in future, please let us know by contacting a board member or elder. Any and all are welcome to participate – it’s a great opportunity to do something a little different and to connect with both old and new acquaintances.

2014 August 12 — Doukhobor Bread-Baking in Saskatoon 2014, by Mae Popoff,
Photos and reports on August 8 and 11.
2014 September 7 — DSS Meet With Calgary Society
Members of the Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon travel to Sundre, Alberta to participate in a special Doukhobor gathering and service hosted by the Calgary Society at the home of Annie Barnes and family.

2014 September 21, Sunday, 11 am — Weekly services resume for the year
  • Everyone is welcome. Come and join in a traditional Doukhobor prayer service, with its beautiful singing and prayers, and an inspirational Elder’s message. Enjoy the spiritual time and the fellowship with others committed to Doukhobor principles.
2014 October 18, Saturday, 4:30 pm — Fall Fundraiser : Borshch Supper a Success, 6 Photos

2014 December 13, Saturday, 10 am — Annual General Meeting
2014 December 21, Sunday, 11 am — Christmas Prayer Service Report, 4 photos

2015 Past Events

2015 January 11, Sundays, 11 am Services resume after the Christmas break. Potluck lunch.after the first service of each month. Everyone is welcome.

2015 March 8, Sunday, 12 Noon Pancake Brunch after Sunday service, $10/person Annual fundraiser for the Saskatoon Kinsmen Telemiracle 39, an annual telethon (March 7-8 this year) organized by the Kinsmen and Kinettes to help provide Saskatchewan people and organizations with special needs access to equipment and medical assistance. See: DSS Telemiracle Fund-Raiser, photo-report by June Bold, 11 March 2015.

2015 March 14, Saturday DCSS Annual General Meeting & Conference in Saskatoon 
  • Rescheduled from 2015 February 21 due to the sudden passing of Keith Tarasoff, DCSS board member
  • Place: Saskatoon Prayer Home (525 Avenue I South). 
  • Theme : “Remembering the Past – Planning for the Future”.  
  • Start : 1:00 pm
  • Program : 3:00 pm
  • Supper : 5:30 pm. 
  • Registration ; $35/person (children free), which includes the supper (pay at the door).  Open to everyone. 
  • Please RSVP : Bill Kalmakoff (e-mail : , or phone 306-373-0952)
    by Wednesday, March 11, if you will be attending.
2015 March 20, Friday, 7 pm When the Movies Go To War... and Seldom Give Peace a Chance- A presentation by film critic Dr. Gerald J. Schmitz (Biography, page 35) at Fr. O’Donnell Auditorium at St. Thomas More College (STM), 1437 College Drive on the University of Saskatchewan campus, sponsored by STM and the Saskatoon Peace Coalition (Facebook). Free Admission.

2015 April 5, Sunday 11 am — Easter Sunday Prayer Service

2015 April 12, SundayPot Luck lunch to follow regular Prayer Service. NOTE: The Pot Luck lunch has been moved to the second Sunday of the month ONLY FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL.  After the April 12th service and potluck lunch, we will take some time to seek members’ input about our 60th anniversary plans. Please join us to share your ideas and let us know about any special history, photos or memorabilia you may have to share.

2015 April 15Planning the Society’s 60th Anniversary

2015 May 31Scholarship Application Deadline for Saskatchewan Doukhobors  
This award is sponsored by the Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon to commemorate 100 years in Canada. Two scholarships offered annually, value $750 each. Open to Saskatchewan Students of a Doukhobor background with self or family membership in a Saskatchewan Doukhobor Society. Selection based on academic achievement and extracurricular activities. Application Form

2015 June 21, Sunday, 11 am — Peter’s Day – in Blaine Lake
  • Saskatoon will be joining the Blaine Lake Doukhobor Society for Peter’s Day on June 21st this year – earlier than usual since many Saskatchewan members will be attending Alberta’s centennial celebrations on June 28th (see below).
  • The Saskatoon and Blaine Lake Societies normally alternate years and it is Blaine Lake turn this year; everyone is welcome.
  • The event begins at 11:00 a.m. with prayer service, a program and lunch.
  • Location: Blaine Lake Prayer Home (a heritage site) on Main Street in Blaine Lake

2015 June 28, Sunday, 11 am — Participating in Cowley-Lundbreck 100th Anniversary Celebration in Alberta
  • Many of our Saskatoon members will be traveling to Lundbreck, Alberta for the 100th anniversary of the Cowley-Lundbreck Doukhobor settlements.
  • The Cowley-Lundbreck Doukhobor Society invite their Saskatchewan brothers and sisters to join them for this special event, being held in conjunction with their Peter’s Day.
  • Location: United Doukhobors of Alberta Cowley-Lundbreck Prayer Home in Lundbreck.
  • The program will include a prayer service (moleniye), speeches, and a potluck lunch.
  • For more information or to RSVP, contact: Alex Kabatoff, phone: 403-510-1944 or email: RSVP’s appreciated by June 1st.

2015 August 4-9Bread-baking at Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition
  • Dorthy Ozeroff will be recruiting our volunteers again this year. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Dorthy at 306-283-4726 or

2015 September 6, Sunday, 10 am, noon lunch, end 3 pm —  60th Anniversary Celebration, Program
  • Plans to Date The Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon turns 60 this year! At a special meeting on March 22, 2015, the Elders and Trustees sketched out initial plans for a celebration. See: 2015 April 15 — Planning the Society’s 60th Anniversary 
    • 10 am — Traditional prayer service
    • 11:30 am — Lunch 
    • 1 pm — Program: Speakers, singing, visiting, history and fashion displays.
      Doukhobors’ contributions to the local area and culture.
    • 3 pm — End.
  • The Society plans to contact descendants of the founding members and ask them to participate, as well as all who have been part of our Society over the years. Plans are still evolving and the Board would appreciate hearing your ideas for celebrating our beginnings – the establishment of our Society (January 1955), the building of our Prayer Home (Fall 1955), and the beginning of our bread-baking initiative. We look forward to hearing from you and to see you at our September 6th celebration. Please watch for further information through our emails, on our web page here, and in The Dove publication.
  • Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon — 60th Anniversary, by Mae Popoff, with links to the Program, Choir Reunion,
    SDY Festivals, and photos.
2015 October 4, Sunday,  11:00 am — Prayer Service, 1 pm Potluck Lunch

2015 November 1, Sunday,  11:00 am — Prayer Service, 1 pm Potluck Lunch — Pay Annual Dues.
  • ($40/adult) for November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016
  • Cheques to "Doukhobor Society of Saskatoon", hand to Treasurer or
    Mail to: DSS, 525 Avenue I South, Saskatoon SK  S7M 1Y6

2015 November 22, Sunday — No meeting in Saskatoon. Go to Blaine Lake.

2015 December 6, Sunday,  11:00 am — Prayer Service, 1 pm Potluck Lunch

2015 December 12, Saturday, 10:00 a.m. Annual General Meeting (coffee served)
2015 December 20, Sunday, 11 am Christmas Service, 1 pm Potluck Lunch
  • Salvation Army — Collecting donations (food, toys, money)  Donation box in entry hall. Give cash or cheques to Treasurer.
2015 December 27, Sunday Christmas break No services December 27 or January 3

2016 Past Events

2016 January 10, Sunday, 11 am — Prayer Service, 1 pm Potluck

2016 March 6
, Sunday, 1 pm — Pancake Brunch after Sunday Service
  • Pancake Brunch - $10/person (kids under 6, free),
  • Silent Auction and Draws, proceeds for TeleMiracle
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership Certificate presentations
2016 March 27, Sunday, 11 am — Easter Sunday Service

2016 April 3, Sunday, 1 pm — Potluck after service

2016 May 1, Sunday, 1 pm — Potluck after service

Click to ENLARGE2016 May 8, Sunday, 11 am — Mother's Day Service

2016 May 29, Sunday, 1 pm — Potluck after service. Last potluck before summer.

2016 June 3 Announcement in Marketplace (Yorkton), 3 June 2016, page A7 =>>

2016 June 5, Sunday, 11 am — No meeting in Saskatoon. Go to Verigin.
2016 June 26, Sunday, 11 am — Peter’s Day, at Saskatoon 
  • Joint meeting with Blaine Lake Society.
  • Lunch provided.
2016 July-Aug — On vacation: Wednesdays singing, Sunday services

2016 August 9-14
Bread-baking at Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition.

2016 September 11, Sunday, 11 am – 3 pm — Resume Regular Services
  • Potluck after services
  • Scholarships Awarded
2016 October 14, Friday, 4:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m. — Borshch na uzhen (soup supper)
  • $15/person, $5/child 6-10 yrs, kids <6 yrs-free.

2017 Past Events

2017 May 7 — Potluck lunch after service

2017 May 14 — Mother’s Day service
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership Presentation
  • Potluck Lunch
2017 June 4Museum Appreciation Day (
Meet in Verigin at National Doukhobor Heritage Village
  • 12 pm Ethnic lunch available
  • 1 pm Afternoon program
  • Museum open house
  • Free Admission
2017 June 11Father’s Day service

June 18 Peter’s Day Service in Blaine Lake
  • Joint meeting with Blaine Lake Society.
  • Lunch provided.
2017 Summer Break – No services in July and August

August 8 to13Bread-baking at Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition

2017 November 12 — Prayer Service CANCELLED this Sunday. The Choir has been asked to sing at the funeral of a long-time Society and Choir member.

2107 December 9 10 am — Annual General Meeting
  • Coffee served.
  • Individual AGM notices and 2017-18 membership levy notices mailed.
  • Dues remain $40/person; this includes the DOVE, published by DCSS.
2017 December 10 11 am Meets at Blaine Lake as guests for their Christmas Service & Potluck. No service in Saskatoon.

2017 December 17 11 am Saskatoon Christmas Service & Potluck. (Last service of 2017)

2018 Past Events

  • 2018 January 7 — Sunday 11 am
  • 2018 February 4 — Sunday 11 am
    • Regular Meeting / Prayer Service
    • Potluck Lunch after Service